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crude comics and sophisticated illustrations by whitney miller



My name is Whitney Miller and I‘m a Comic Artist and Illustrator based in Nassau, Bahamas. Drawing has been a huge part of my life—since as far back as I can remember actually. My parents noticed my developing skills and continued interest because they got me enrolled in after-school art classes as soon as possible (and I was only 4). Storybooks with illustrations in them played a significant role in my interest in drawing. It‘s funny—for the longest, I used to dislike reading because all I wanted to do was look at the pretty pictures. Now, I read like nobody‘s business. I also think that storybooks played a big role in my love of storytelling through writing and drawing.

I‘ve always been quite the jokester. Comic drawing was a way for me to mesh my sense of humour with my drawing abilities. In those same after-school art classes I mentioned early, I would draw comics for my peers and distract them from my work (I aways finished my projects “early” and found time to mess around). I think this was what lead me to drawing comics on scraps of paper because I still do it to this day.

I pursued a degree in Fashion Design in an effort to become a Fashion Illustrator. However, plans changes the way they always do and I had to reroute my goals. When I had the opportunity to go back to school, of course I chose art school again, but I wanted to challenge myself with Graphic Design (at one point, I wanted to be an Art Director). However, a little voice in the back of my mind was asking me why I don‘t draw anymore.

I‘ve finally built up the courage to actually use my drawing skills to make me money. There was always this fear that I couldn‘t make money as an artist and I think that‘s why my path went in the direction it did. Now, that I‘m doing this, I feel even more well-equipped with two design degrees under my belt and lots of jokes to share with you. Even better, let‘s work on something together.

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